Professional Field Experiences

ECS 100 Field Experience

January – April 2016

I had the opportunity in my ECS 100 class to observe a Grade 3 classroom at St. Marguerite School. The cooperating teacher I was with is Ms. Sayer. I spent seven half days with this class and grew close to the students and staff and enjoyed my time greatly. I helped with assignments, giving spelling tests, working one-on-one with students, and helping the teacher prepare lessons. During this time I also spent an hour in the Kindergarten classroom as well as the Grade 2 classroom.

During these seven weeks I learned many things. When I first started my placement I didn’t know what to expect. I was anxious about working with students who have disabilities because I never had before and was unsure of what to do. I spent some time with one of the students in the classroom who has a disability and helped him with reading, writing and math assignments. I learned that he is a student just like everyone else that just needed a little extra help sometimes. This was a huge eye opener for me, and I now feel comfortable with having a student who has a disability in my classroom.

While at the school, I also learned many different teaching strategies that will help me in the future. Ms. Sayer is a phenomenal teacher who really knows how to connect with her students. I got to experience a lock- down drill, bullying prevention day and staff appreciation week from a teacher perspective. Another valuable teaching strategy was how to incorporate curriculum into the lesson in a fun way. I also got to see how technology has been incorporated and become important in teaching. I observed how technology makes the classroom come alive and the students are more engaged in their learning. This placement really helped me learn things about being a teacher that I never knew before and prepared me for my future.

Me in front of the school on my last day of placement
Ms. Sayer’s Grade 3 Classroom


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Card and photo given to me as a keepsake on the last day of my placement