Bye.. Bye.. Bye..

It’s time to say bye… bye… bye… as this is my last learning post.

To refresh to all, I learned how to brush letter form my learning project this semester. I focused on the basics throughout the weeks, such as basic strokes, lowercase and uppercase letters. I also created a time-lapse video of me lettering and then a “how to” video on creating backgrounds for my lettering. Lastly, I began to digital lettering on my iPad, which I have greatly enjoyed! I will link all my previous posts here so you can look back on my journey:

  1. The Start of Something New..
  2. Thick Up, Thin Down
  3. Guess whose back, back, back… back again..
  4. Everyday I’m Let-ter-ing
  5. March(ing) in with a Lettering Challenge
  6. “I Gotta Feeling” That I’m Getting the Hang of This
  7. ABC…Easy As.. One, Two, Three…
  8. I’ve Got “Pumping Blood” From Learning Something New!
  9. This Is How We Do It (creating backgrounds with brush pens)
  10. Let’s Get Digital

I greatly enjoyed my learning project; however, it did come with a few challenges! These challenges were not finding the time and motivation to do my project because I often felt that I put it as my last priority on my To-Do List. This is because I felt that I needed to get work done for other classes and shouldn’t enjoy something until everything else was finished. I overcame this challenge by using my learning project as also a stress reliever and doing it when I needed a break from other school work.

I think that I will continue to letter and when I become more confident, I will be able to create signs and posters for my future classroom. I have enjoyed digital lettering more lately as I have found that I enjoy my product better when doing digital lettering. I have decided for my final project to show my learning, I am going to create a digital lettering piece of artwork. I recently moved and created a gallery wall above my bed. My favourite colour is yellow, and I love pineapples! I created this artwork to go in my gallery wall above my bed!

I hope you enjoyed following along with me as I learned something new!



  1. I really enjoyed viewing your posts along this journey. From reading this post it had reminded me that it is important to love the work you are doing and that its okay if your work is fun but remember it is still just as important as any other work! I hope that you keep up your journey and share it with the people you know.


  2. I sincerely enjoyed keeping up with all of your lettering progress this semester! I know when I was doing my learning project I also found it hard to make time in my busy schedule for something that was on-going. That being said, you were able to chronicle your process and progress really well! I will really miss all of your creative song titles!
    Hopefully, this is something that you can incorporate into your class one day!


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