Exploring the world of Twitter Chats

I decided to participate in #saskedchat this week for my twitter chat requirements. I have participated in twitter chats before and have often felt very overwhelmed and confused throughout the chat so I decided to stay away from them.

This time, I used tweet deck to help with the chat. Before EDTC 300, I had never heard or used tweet deck before. Wow! What a difference that made to my Twitter Chat experience. As a person who is big on organization, Tweet Deck allowed me to see what was going on during the chat at all times.

You can add multiple columns and customize your “deck” to look how you want. So, for the Twitter Chat, I had my home page, the page of the moderator and the #saskedchat hashtag available for me to follow. This allowed me to see the questions that were being asked and the replies at the same time! Tweet Deck really saved my Twitter Chat experience from being total chaos.

I quite enjoyed this week’s chat as they tried something new. I was able to reply with quick answers and see a variety of answers on other perspectives of sharing and learning together.

Here I have included the questions as well as my answers to the chat:

Each week there is also an archive posted of each chat so that you can go back and read responses. Click here to read.

I look forward to participating in future Twitter Chats!



  1. Isn’t tweetdeck amazing?? It makes everything run so much smoother and makes twitter chat so much more enjoyable!! I like all of the pictures you included in this post, it so interesting to see everyone’s experiences through Tweetdeck! Good post & keep it up!!


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