What the heck is Feedly..

… I still do not know!

I did not get a lot of time to explore Feedly this week as I have been incredibly busy and to be honest has to prioritize some things over the other. I did get the app on my phone and was able to look at it when I had some spare moments between classes and what not!

So far from what I can tell is that Feedly is a great way to find articles to be able to quickly read on topics you enjoy. I think of it as your own personalized, digital newspaper or magazine. I like the set-up and think it is really user friendly. Although, I only have the free version, I think this could be something that I would potentially pay for as I noticed their is an option to share feeds with others! I think this could be a great collaborative place for teachers to share articles that they would like others to read. I only have two feeds at the moment since I cannot think of what else I would be able to find articles about.

I think as I explore Feedly more, I will greatly enjoy it’s organization and that it would potentially become a place I go to when I have spare time or am looking for something new to do in the classroom!

Desktop View

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