The Start of Something New..

Please tell me you read the title and instantly thought of High School Musical. If you didn’t, you need to click here.

Now that I am done being silly, welcome to my learning project! My learning project will take place over ten weeks. I have decided to learn the art of calligraphy/lettering. I have always been in awe over the perfection of lettering and want to be able to create my own art of lettering to put around my home and classroom. I also find lettering to be calm and peaceful and want to practice lettering as a form of mindfulness for myself.

Here are some of my inspirations for this project:

Here are also some photo inspirations:

To aid me in my learning process, I will be using a variety websites, instagram accounts, blogs and YouTube videos/channels.

Click here to see a basic outline of my plan for each week. This is a very tentative schedule as of right now. I am a big planner and like to have an outline of everything I do. However, I am still exploring all things about lettering so my plan may change drastically!

I am going to spend the remainder of this week, researching the materials I will need, such as paper and pens and then going out to purchase these supplies.

Stay tuned for updates of my project!



  1. I am absolutely loving your intro to your Learning Project! You are super organized and everything is laid out beautifully especially that weekly plan! I am very much looking forward to seeing how you progress on your journey and I wish you good luck! Also, I totally thought of Highschool Musical from the title!

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  2. Big fan of high school musical haha! This post is laid out very well! Good job on adding some additional links to the pages that inspired you! I am so excited to see your progress! Good luck !! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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