Just a little bit about me:

Hey there!

I see you have found my introduction to EDTC 300. I am so excited to take this course because frankly, I LOVE TECHNOLOGY. I call myself somewhat of a “tech nerd” because I am always using technology but can also fix many things technology wise. Now… I just let my biggest secret out, I usually do not tell people about my love for technology because then they usually end up taking advantage of me for that and are always asking me to help. So I guess consider yourself lucky that I have let the “cat out of the bag.” But, I really do love to help people with anything so if you ever need some help, just ask and maybe throw in a coffee to thank me for the help 😋.

I am looking forward to enhancing my knowledge of technology through this course. I created this WordPress in my first year of university because it was needed for a course. Like most, I found WordPress really confusing and did not understand why I needed it. But, I always thought having a blog would be cool as I love those ascetically pleasing instagram accounts that also have blogs. So, I played around with WordPress and learned how to use it. I was never a big fan of reflecting but knew that I liked to write… Hmm, how does that even make sense? I don’t know, but I learned how to use WordPress and began writing down my experiences, weekly during Pre-Internship. Little did I know that I was actually writing reflections. Shoutout to the University for secretly turning my writing into reflection writing.

I blogged each week of my Fall Pre-Internship and each day after my three-week block in March. It was a lot but it really helped me reflect and me proud of myself as a teacher. Now, when I reread these entries, I can see the growth of myself as an educator. To finish off, I blogged weekly throughout my internship and shared the link with friends and family on Facebook. I received so many compliments on what I was doing and also comments about what teachers actually do. Many of my friends and family members began to understand how hard of a career that teaching can be.

Okay, now that I have completely rambled on about my WordPress history, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a fourth year, elementary education student completing my final semester towards my degree. I grew up in the small town of Cudworth, Sask, which is located about three hours north of Regina. Some of my passions and hobbies include; spending time with my family, traveling, blogging, photography, being outdoors, collecting mugs, instagramming, enjoying everyday life, teaching and of course pineapples. I love everything pineapple and it has become sort of my own symbol. I am also a Type 1 Diabetic and with technology advancements have been able to test my blood sugar with a sensor on my arm and my phone! I currently live in Regina right now with my boyfriend, Travis and our new kitten Lexi. Travis has his B.Ed in secondary education and teaches in Lumsden.

I have not had much experience with education technology because the schools that I taught at, did not have the technology available. In my Pre-Internship, I did use a program called Plickers as an assessment tool. I also used Factile to create a review jeopardy game. During my Internship, I did use a Smart Board, however it did not work properly so therefore the features were limited.

Thank you for reading this lengthy introduction, I look forward to learning more about you by reading yours!

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Jana 🍍


One comment

  1. First off… I LOVE your homepage! Awesome job!
    Second…thanks for sharing about Factile. I have never heard of this before, but it sounds like a resource worth looking into!


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